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September 2023: 

PRESS RELEASE: Shilpa Ananth Reveals New Album




[Dubai, September 11th, 2023] Off the back of her recent Indian tour, Dubai-based independent artist Shilpa Ananth is set to captivate her fans once again with the release of her new album Reproduction on September 27th, an authentic soundtrack that promises to redefine the boundaries of contemporary music and female empowerment. With her distinctive voice, rich compositions and profound lyrics, performed in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and English Shilpa Ananth continues to represent the South Indian diaspora on a global stage. 


Titled “Reproduction”, this album showcases Ananth’s evolution as an artist, seamlessly blending genres by fusing together South Indian musical influences with contemporary sounds from the West. The album features a carefully curated collection of songs that present elements of Jazz, Soul, R&B, Pop and a variety of South Indian genres creating a mesmerising auditory experience that will undoubtedly resonate with an eclectic audience. 


Listeners can expect to embark on a journey through Shilpa Ananth’s introspective and thought-provoking songwriting. Each track delves into themes of defying cultural and societal pressures, challenging the patriarchy and facing emotional demons inviting listeners to connect on a deeper level with the emotions, experiences and messages of empowerment conveyed throughout. Moreover, the album offers a rich tapestry of sonic landscapes that portray Ananth’s unparalleled versatility as an artist. 


Reproduction has two meanings. One that the songs are all more highly produced sonically and shows an evolution and change of musical direction, a stark contrast from the live band soundscape of my first album, Indian Soul.” says Ananth. ”And the second one being that I’m making a bold statement that my music is my baby, and that there are more ways to feel that heightened sense of life purpose and unconditional love for something. With this album, I’m giving birth to a new way of living, thinking and being”. 

The singer-songwriter goes on to say “through this album, I want to be able to empower women to follow their inner voice and instincts and create the life they were truly meant for, no matter what that looks like.”

The highly anticipated album includes previous singles, “The Search”, “Align” and  “Fear”, along with a number of unreleased tracks including the Tamil inspired song  “One & Only” and the title track ”Reproduction”. The album will be available on all major streaming platforms from September 27th.

August 2023: 

PRESS RELEASE: Tabi Gazele Shares New Single “Push & Pull”




Independent Manchester-based artist Tabi Gazele released her poignant single ‘Push And Pull’ on August 25th, one of her most candid works to date. This heartfelt track is a reflection of Gazele’s personal journey navigating themes of communication, vulnerability, growth and the inevitable ‘push and pull’ within relationships.


Lilting over the song’s strutting guitar riffs, Gazele narrates the tale of a time when a valuable friendship needed rescuing from the deep waters of dissent. ‘Push And Pull,’ mixed by Grammy award-winning mixing engineer, Rob Chiarelli, embodies the power of authentic communication and the resilience needed to bridge gaps and forge stronger connections with those you hold close to your heart.


Speaking on ‘Push And Pull’ Gazele adds: “Sometimes relationships have to fall apart to strip away the ugliness, face the harsh truth, have the tough conversations to then rebuild and protect something that is truly sacred and beautiful. Push And Pull is a nostalgic retro soul track with classic pop melodies and a relatable storyline.”


This single is a peek into Gazele’s forthcoming album, Metamorphosis, supported by Readipop with funding from Arts Council. Written and recorded during the transformative year of 2020, the album is a musical treatise through personal challenges, healing, and the embracing of new beginnings. Inspired by the symbolism of butterflies, the album encapsulates the beauty that arises from moments of adversity as she proceeds confidently toward a new perspective on life and romance. “The whole concept came from a moment where I was deciding what to do, making some of the hardest decisions in my life I went through a separation, eventually divorce and I remember seeing butterflies everywhere like a reminder that there’s beauty in the toughest of moments; and of course, healing, transformation, understanding, learning, loving yourself, God and others on the other side.” There are tales of love hiding within Gazele’s lush garden of ‘Metamorphosis’ where the butterflies fly––and nurturing it is only fitting.

June 2023.
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